Jet Ski

Enjoy a jet ski alone or with others but do not sleep because they are only available during the summer. Come to Funny Beach Marbella and enjoy the thrill of jet skis. Available if you are 16 years old, even sooner if an adult rides the jet ski at the same time.
50€ - 15 minutes (1 or 2 passengers)



One of the air sports that best combine the freshness of the sea with the south wind. This activity involves the use of a boat as puller to a parachute that has 1 seat, if it is single, and 2 seats if it is dual, or even 3 people. In this way, you can contemplate the Marbella coast from a much broader perspective.
40€ - 15 minutes (1 passenger)

Water Sofa

To have fun in family! Up to 4 people. A very fun tour by the coast of Marbella sitting in an water sofa, shaking you to everywhere once you start taking speed.
20€ - 15 minutes (1 passenger)


Feel the amazing sensation of flying over the sea thanks to the flyboard. Surely you already hear about or you‘ve seen in the reports about curious sports that often appear in the news. The foundation of the flyboard is a water system that propels you to rise yourself above the sea. It is achieved by using a table, in which you have your feets, and several jets of water from under the table.
75€ - 15 minutes (1 passenger)

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